Misha Milovanovich

Misha Milovanovich is a London-based artist (b. 1971, Belgrade, Serbia) who works across multiple mediums and delivers insights into the human distortions of desire and lust through the lens of pop culture. Her work is both philosophical and humorous. Milovanovich exhibits a mastery of her technique that brings Classical virtuosity to her uniquely Dadaist worldview.

Untitled (Chewing Gum Number 3)

Giclee print on German etching archival paper, Ed. 20
42 x 29,7 cm

Pop iconography, Surrealism and the re-working of found objects are consistently recurring themes in Misha’s career. The ‘Chewing Gum Series' - originally made as pencil and ink drawings - represent a distillation of these themes. Misha has created a series of drawings of these powerfully symbolic, throwaway objects. She takes the classic motifs of surrealism and re-works them in her defiantly ‘hand-made pop’ style. Misha intervenes with humour and a deft ability to illuminate the abandoned and unloved.

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