Sleek-Art Picks: Guest Curated by Art Lovers Club's Anja Gröschel

Lisa Jugert, Portrait Study (Klub kids 1), 2011 Lisa Jugert, Portrait Study (Klub kids 1), 2011; Available for purchase on Sleek-Art

Sleek-Art asked ALC - Art Lovers Club's founder Anja Gröschel to curate a selection of her favourite pieces presented on Sleek-Art. See what she chose below and find her recommendations on Sleek-Art which are all available for immediate purchase.

You are the founder of ALC - Arts Lovers Club: a rapidly growing members club for women who are passionate about collecting and engaging with the art world. As the first of its kind in Germany, what is it that motivated you to establish it?

Chance, two rewarding encounters and good wine. That’s the short version. The longer story is that five years ago I was sitting at a collectors’ dinner in Basel – the guest to my left was a "no show“ and instead, a very nice woman who was working for Phillips de Pury & Company in Berlin at the time sat next to me. For a while, our attempt to meet thereafter in Berlin was unsuccessful because we were always busy. And so instead, we organised a dinner party for six people: all women, who were working in different artistic contexts. It was at this dinner that I decided to create a platform for women in the art world, as a way of arranging networking opportunities for each other. Moreover, the idea was to cover all stakeholders in the art market in order to make exclusive knowledge available to them. Since then, we have continued to rapidly grow and professionalise, though our current form is something we never envisioned.

Michelle Jezierski, Of the lake, 2012 Michelle Jezierski, Of the lake, 2012; Available for purchase on Sleek-Art

How do you think the collecting habits of men and women differ today?

There are many types of collectors. I basically don't see a big difference between male and female collectors. While I don't believe it's exclusively gender based, it's often the case however that there are patterns that may sometimes reoccur within groups of collectors. For example, there are those who place more value on their investment strategy, some who collect what they love without a clear concept, those who collect by ear, and some who have a distinctive focus on a subject or a medium.

 What influence does the internet have on collecting today?

The internet has changed everything. There are new collectors who don’t visit galleries. There are collectors who are continuously researching, enabling them to become more professional due to the abundant resources that are at their disposal. For example, there are also those who now exclusively collect digital art, where they didn't before. Through digitalisation, the internet has changed many things, though this is only the beginning. While we have more transparency, efficiency and democratisation, there is an interpersonal aspect that still remains at the heart of art collecting. ALC - The Art Lovers Club offers this personal dimension through its community of likeminded professionals which in my opinion, is the main catalyst for change.

Christian Awe, Celebrate, 2013; All works availble for purchase on Sleek-Art Christian Awe, Celebrate, 2013; Available for purchase on Sleek-Art

How does the Sleek Art selection reflect your taste?

I chose Berlin based artists that I am already familiar with where Michelle Jezierski is in fact also a member of the ALC – Art Lovers Club. My taste has as many facets as life itself. To conclude, I can only say that the longer I’m involved in art, the more I become drawn to Classical Modernism and design. I follow my own taste, rather than the market.

Interview by Mia Wähälä

All works are available for purchase on Sleek-Art