Exhibition: Fashion meets art


Just a few weeks after its successful launch, Sleek-Art is showing a selection of exclusive works at Hotel de Rome, Berlin.

Berlin Art Week, like summer, has ended. The wine wells in galleries run dry; the reviews are in and the new “it-girl” of art has been crowned. Yet, as one spotlight dims, another dozen or so are preparing to propel a few rising stars stratospherically. Most recently passing over our horizon: Paris Fashion Week.

The relationship between fashion and art is symbiotic, with artists and designers collaborating on pieces to develop their respective portfolios. Some designers draw inspiration from art pieces: Mondrian’s forms were the backbone of a Saint Laurent collection. Elsewhere, photographers find themselves inspired by a garment, like the iconic Frank Horvat who used Saint Laurent’s Mondrian Fashion in his famous shoot “Mondrian Fashion by Saint Laurent” or the shapes of Givenchy`s avant-garde in "Givenchy Hat" in 1958, both of which are now exhibited at Hotel de Rome, Berlin

Sleek-Art.Net is proud to present “Fashion meets Art”, curated by Nadine Barth. Centered on the cross streets of art and fashion, the show includes work by Daniel Josefsohn, Hadley Hudson, RankinPeter Kaaden, Frank Horvat and many more. All work featured in “Fashion meets Art” is available for immediate purchase through Sleek-Art.Net, as well as other prints, editions and pieces.

All participating artists: Kate Bellm, Sabine Dehnel, Bernhard Handick, Frank Horvat, Hadley Hudson, Daniel Josefsohn, Peter Kaaden, Anatol Kotte, Matt Lambert, Mary McCartney, Rankin 

Hotel de Rome, Behrenstrasse 37,10117 Berlin

Text by Nathan Ma

Exhibtion curated by Nadine Barth