Now on Sleek Art: Talented Photographer Christian Werner

Christian Werner Poolside, 2014

German photographer, Christian Werner, has sustained an interest in his country’s history throughout his photographic career. Concentrating on this as well as his portraiture and editorial work, the photographer has produced two photobooks on the culture of former West Germany; alongside the work he has made for leading magazines like Interview, Zeit, Monopol and Sleek.

Werner is interested in “this country that no longer exists, but has left its mark on us all”, and feels it necessary to document what people could forget. Fixing his lens on the house of a deceased 80 year old woman for his book “Stillleben BRD”, Werner photographs the familiar interior of a typically provincial, post-war life in West Germany. The melancholic series is a clear nod to his roots, and followed his book centred on the facades of German post-war architecture “Bauformen des Gewissens”.

Werner’s selection of still lifes, portraits and documentary may be varied in subject, but his work concentrates predominantly on societal issues and is always meticulously formed. Zooming close to his subjects, cutting them at unexpected angles and choosing different perspectives, Werner challenges his audience to question his imagery, and how his series are linked.

We are delighted to have a selection of Christian Werner’s detailed imagery on Sleek Art, and are looking forward to seeing his newest work which will be made in America. To see more or purchase his work please visit Sleek Art.


Christian Werner Biarritz, 2009
Christian Werner Blue Bird, 2016
Christian Werner Fruit Logistica, 2013
Christian Werner Giraffe, 2016
Christian Werner Interstate, 2015

To see more or purchase his work please visit Sleek Art

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