Lofty Horizon Lines: Michelle Jezierski at CIRCLE1 Gallery

Photo by Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert Photo by Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert

Berlin-based artist Michelle Jezierski's painted explorations are at full-force in "NORWOOD", her latest show at CIRCLE1 Gallery in Berlin. Building on the fractals of fragmented photos in her previous work, "NORWOOD" breaks new ground in Jezierski's distinct paintings.

Michelle Jezierski, Airglow, 2011; Available for purchase on Sleek-Art Michelle Jezierski, Airglow, 2011; Available for purchase on Sleek-Art

While studying at Universität der Kunste under Turner Prize-winning sculptor Tony Cragg, Jezierski explained during Sleek-Art's studio visit earlier this year, she became acutely aware of space. Her paintings, in turn, are confrontations that force viewers to untangle the intertwined landscapes and geometries. They are spacious and lofty–beams of florescent tubes, that push the background of "LICHTUNG", for example, towards an indecipherable angle. As they drift off from the horizon line, the lights rhythmically expand the painting as if the back of the landscape were beginning to fall away from the viewer.

Michelle Jezierski, Exhibition view, 2015 Michelle Jezierski, Exhibition view of "NORWOOD", 2015

In comparison to her earlier work, the paintings in "NORWOOD" exist in a tougher limbo between recognition and the abstract due, in part, to an increased use of grid-based systems of abstraction. Prominently layered in the forefront, intersecting lines both develop the complex space within Jezierski's work as well as create windows in which swirls of paint interrupt the background sceneries. Woven into the near-recognisable clouds and trees, her grids further bridge together the elements lifted from her source photographs.

"NORWOOD" keeps with Jezierski's bold colour palettes: deep blues, mossy greens, pale salmon, airy purples. Perhaps the most striking is "Transformer", in which opaque washes of yellow and orange cover the surface of tree trunks and dissolve shadows and textures. Organised into chevrons of colour in a stark contrast to the organic limbs of the trees, the coating appears to crack, peel, and smudge at points, letting the light greens and grays bloom against the deep red and orange of the roots and ground. The effect is that which Jezierski is best at: a disorienting invitation to explore.

"NORWOOD" by Michelle Jezierski is on display at CIRCLE1 Gallery until 1 August. Images below from the exhibition, other works by Jezierski is available for immediate purchase on Sleek-Art.

Text by Nathan Ma

Photos by Marcus Schneider