Meet Christto & Andrew

Christto & Andrew National Pride 2016 by Christto and Andrew

Christto & Andrew are the photography duo using visual imagery to expose the affects that history, politics, the economy and popular culture play on contemporary society and its formation.

Concentrating their work on the Gulf region, the Qatar-based pair predominantly use photography, but their differing backgrounds also encourage the artists to dabble in other mediums. Sanz’s BA in Fine Art and MA in Visual Communications and Photography, coupled with Weir’s BBA from Universtitat Ramon Llull and MA in Museum & Gallery Practice, all result in brightly staged compositions exuding a rare uncanny humour.

The pair’s work underlines the state of constant development in which they reside, highlighting the various lifestyles that they encounter. Found material is transformed into cement moulds and regular people are used as models in an attempt to portray a symbolic reflection of the elements and structures in Qatar.

We are proud to announce Christto and Andrew as Sleek Art artists, and look forward to seeing more of their expansive work on social identity.

To collect their fantastic work please visit Sleek Art.

Christto &Andrew Burning Roses II 2016 by Christto and Andrew

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