Studio Visit Preview: RSVP To Meet Nick Jeffrey

Equipped with an MFA from the Royal Collage of Art in London, painter Nick Jeffrey is determined to shake the status quo. While performative interventions were once his disruption of choice, Jeffrey is now offering an alternative to the standard commercial gallery system through ideal uh-huh, a project space that exists both digitally and physically. Jeffrey says:

With my previous work, I’ve always emptied out my workspace at some point to look at the work itself; with ideal uh-huh, it’s kind of gone full-circle from that idea, while expanding to involve other artists.  

The website had a different impulse at the start. Initially, the idea was that the site was meant to have a life of its own as an evolving archive of whatever artists sent in–moments in their lives, indirect material connected to their work–almost as a self sustaining program. In reality, I’m bad with technology and was very slow at writing emails and contacting artists, which wasn’t that exciting. I was also doing similar  programs with galleries for potential shows that–for what ever reason–usually collapsed, so eventually I put the two together rather then hanging around waiting for something to happen.

The ideal uh-huh space is still my studio. Eventually, when my studio practice is elsewhere, the shows should be more fluid in terms of timing–still not monthly and without pretending that the space is a gallery contextually or physically. I also let the artists know they can do what they want here without the agenda or financial implications of a typical gallery.

With ideal uh-huh, I try to keep the program collaborative and loose. In the future, I would like to invite outside parties to organise things here, and to occasionally neither initiate nor participate in a show. Regardless–from a practical point–after a few months the studio reaches peak messiness so its a good excuse to clean up! 

"Karmic Thermal", ideal uh-huh's sophomore show, will open this Gallery Weekend, and features work by Jeffrey alongside Keith J. Varadi, Henrik Olai Kaarstein and Anthony Salvador. Visit Nick Jeffrey at ideal uh-huh in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg on Friday, 3 May from 2PM until 4PM; email to book your reservation.