Berlin art stories: Tomasz Kobialka

Tomasz Kobialka. Photo by Amy Binding.

Sleek-Art asked some of our favourite Berlin-based artists to tell us what they think about the city they inhabit, and how they experience the creative landscape in a location that has formed the background for so much European history. All of the artists featured have works that are available to purchase on Sleek-Art. Next up: Tomasz Kobialka

Why did you choose to make art in Berlin?

I feel Berlin is a purifier of sorts... If you are here for good times and cheap beer it is easy to get chewed up and spat out by the party scene and endless weekends at Berghain. But if you want to work, it can be a great place to have some time and space to think.

What does Berlin mean to you as a creative community/location?

It is international on its surface but regional at its heart.

What is your favourite art space in Berlin?

There are lots of great spaces showing young contemporary artists. Autocenter is one that stands out, their Summer Academy gives back to the community and provides artists with feedback and exposure to the local scene.

How is Berlin developing, in your opinion, into an international hub for art?

Younger galleries are becoming more professional, just take a look at all the spaces showing at abc this year for the first time!

Do you think you can sometimes feel the memory of Berlin's past before the fall?  

In mid-winter when everyone is grumpy and it is grey for weeks, it can feel like you are stuck in the Ost.

What changed for you as an artist after you moved to Berlin 5 years ago?

I grew up.

Find out more about Tomasz Kobialka and see his available work to buy on Sleek-Art

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