Berlin art stories: Nam Chau


Sleek-Art asked some of our favourite Berlin-based artists to tell us what they think about the city they inhabit, and how they experience the creative landscape in a location that has formed the background for so much European history. All of the artists featured have works that are available to purchase on Sleek-Art. Today: Nam Chau.

Why did you choose to make art in Berlin?

We are like an old couple. Berlin and I do not love each other too much. But we stay together because I don't know where to go.

What does Berlin mean to you as a creative community/location?

I do not care about creative communities too much, but I like good exhibitions

What is your favourite art space in Berlin?

The Gemäldegalerie with the paintings of Jan Vermeer

How is Berlin developing, in your opinion, into an international hub for art?


What would you like to change / stay the same in Berlin for you as an artist?

More beautiful people, more rich collectors, better manners and Parisian kindness

Find out more about Nam Chau and see her available work to buy on Sleek-Art

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