A New Way to Collect

Nick Jeffrey, Basic Instinct, 2013. Available now on Sleek Art.

Every artist has a story behind their pieces of work; Sleek-Art is here to bring the artists to you and their work to your collection. Pictured above is Nick Jeffrey's "Basic Instinct" – you might recognise it from Sleek Magazine 43: Youth/Truth. Also featured in print is Jeffrey's "Dances with Wolves", Chen Jiagang's "Double Rhapsody", and Matt Lambert's "Evgenii". On Sleek-Art, it’s all there: works on paper by established American names, rising Chinese talent and superstar wunderkinds somewhere in between.

Chen Jiagang, "Double Rhapsody". Available now on Sleek-Art. Chen Jiagang, Double Rhapsody, 2012. Available now on Sleek-Art.

We also present iconic images from Frank Horvat, who set the bar for fashion photography in the Fifties and continues to influence practitioners today. Christopher Makos portrayed such luminaries as Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat, allowing personal glimpses into these extraordinary artists' lives. Meanwhile the lively Matt Lambert and Kate Bellm stand for a new generation of international innovators redefining intimacy on Sleek-Art.

We are creating a new, personalised approach to art collection. Brought to you by the people who make Sleek Magazine, Sleek-Art is a continuation of what we do best: tell stories about art.

 All pieces featured on this page and many more are available for purchase on Sleek-Art

Christopher Makos, "Jean Michel Basquiat". Available now on Sleek-Art. Christopher Makos, Jean-Michel Basquiat, 1984.  Available now on Sleek-Art