Bernhard Handick

Bernhard Handick is a photographer whois well-known for his fashion  shootings and portraits. In his collages, which have been published – among other magazines – in Vogue Italia, he creates perfectly conventional fashion photographs and distorts them, achieving a darker, more underground effect. Using the techniques of appropriation and developing a complex language of acoustic references to compose his images, Handick is a master of recontextualisation.


Royal Blue

Fine Art Premium Prints on mounted aluminium Ed. 9 + 2 AP
70 x 50 cm

In “Royal Blue” (2014), from the series, “Who is it (Official)”, Handick layers the eponymous colour over a portrait of the supermodel Cara Delevingne. The effortless nature of his sweeping brushstrokes take the model far from the catwalk, into the painter’s studio, posing questions about the nature of image and celebrity in our culture.

1700.00 Euro plus VAT
2000.00 Euro (framed) plus VAT