BECKERHARRISON is an artist duo with Carolin Becker and Simon Harrison. They are London-based and have worked together since 2007 when they first collaborated on a project in Morocco to raise funds for a school in the Atlas Mountains. BeckerHarrison are an artistic team, Carolin a photographer, Simon a painter, illustrator and graffiti artist who combine their disciplines to create one seamless body of work. Using a modern paint-on-photographic-print style, utilizing airbrushing, traditional painting and graffiti techniques they create images, which appear digitally altered but are actually just the result of a symbiotic collaboration between two complementary crafts. Their technique permits the creation of somewhat unlikely images, the fusion between a photograph shot during their extensive travels and painting back in their London studio. Previous series of BeckerHarrison’s work have focused on the role of prostitution in renaissance religious iconography, the effects of conflict and the hypocrisy of extremist belief.

Ladyboy Friends

Gouache and Acrylic on Fuji colour. Aluminium mount. Ed. of 5
126 cm x 120 cm



13000.00 Euro plus VAT