Hadley Hudson

Hadley Hudson is an American artist born in 1974 and raised in the city of San Francisco, California. She attended San Francisco University High School and has studied photography since the age of 15. In 1992, she moved to Los Angeles and began her studies at the University of California, Los Angeles. She primarily studied photography with Chris Williams, and new genres with Joan Jonas and Paul McCarthy. She also attended Parsons School of Design in Paris for one year before completing her studies at UCLA. Hudson moved to Berlin in 1999 and began shooting her friends- including fellow artists and musicians, at her flat in Prenzlauerberg. She developed a raw documentary style and quickly received recognition for her intimate yet unflinching gaze. In 2001, Hudson was asked to photograph the musician Peaches as an assignment for Spin magazine. She and Peaches began to collaborate regularly and from there she photographed many of the musicians from the emerging electronic scene in Berlin. This culminated in a solo show at Colette in Paris entitled “Sex in Colette” in 2004, followed by other exhibitions at the Hamburger Deichtorhallen and Camera Work in Berlin. Hudson has been nominated for several LEAD awards, first in 2004 for a documentary series about women crying called “Breakdown”, and most recently for her “Models Allein zu Haus’ (Models at Home)” series featured in Zeit Magazin in 2014. Hudson continued to photograph models at home, shooting over 100 subjects in London, Paris, New York, and Berlin. The work is the subject of her first photo book entitled “Persona” which was published by Hatje Cantz Verlag in November.
Hudson currently works and travels between Los Angeles and Berlin.

No fear

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