Frankie Casillo

Frankie Casillo's eye is street smart. Strolling from seemingly unassuming streetscapes to strangely intimate encounters, it moves at the pace its bearer dictates but comes back with surprising impressions. It pries through keyholes, peeks through backdoors, and finds mundane moments of human existence that might have seemed dull or even ugly at first glance. Yet, at the push of Casillo’s release, beholders stop to recognize the hidden beauty and humor they were missing in their everyday lives. Casillo, born 1984 in Foggia, Italy, is now Berlin-based and has collaborated with the Art & Design University of Halle, Germany as well as participated in Fotografia Europea 2016 in Reggio Emilia, Italy in recent years. He shoots on 35mm color film. All photos are candid.